Every story needs a cowboy right?

 … especially when he wears a black cloak 90% of the time and basically poses like a BOSS no matter what the occasion.

Angsty anti-hero counterpart to lovely Cora Lowell.

Yes. I do sort of love him a little. Even if he’s only alive in my head. That may make me possibly crazy. Hmm…

Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore Smooth Bristol.


Cora Bio Picture

I found some very nifty character biography sheets on DeviantArt. I’m going to fill them up with pics and text n’ stuff. :)

This one is my main female character from my current WIP novel(s).

Colored with Prismacolor pencils. Reference for pose and some facial features was used from here:


The Key to Happiness

Just an idea I had. There was a Reader’s Digest on the kitchen table a couple of months ago with ideas on how to find the ‘key to happiness’. I was like: “Huh. I know the answer to that!”

I don’t have a key that looks like this, and it shows. Ergh. My reference picture was one of the Pirates of the Carribean key I have, lol. Good still-life study at any rate. :)


"In 1972 a crack commando unit …"


… became the unfortunate victims of Tara’s lame “cutesy” style. Sorry guys. You truly are more awesome than this.

See, this is what happens when I’m working on a hard picture and something doesn’t turn out right. I decide to take a break and draw something really simple.

As is the case right now, where I’ve hit a snag with my current huge project ( i.e. it’s awful, I’m stupid, and I hate it now …) I decided I should just sit back, watch some old A-Team episodes and whip up a silly picture of them while I’m at it.

Can I just say I love Hannibal in this pic? I want to squish him right up. I’m so disappointed with Murdock. I don’t know what I was going for, but he just doesn’t have the spunk that Murdock should have. Oh well.


Visual proof that I have not dropped off the face of the earth …

In the words of Mushu: ” I liiivveeee!”.

This picture is just taking me for.ever. It’s being rendered entirely in Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore Smooth Bristol 11x17. I have no idea why I chose such a massive paper size or such a complicated background, but there you have it.

It’s been a giant BUTT-load of work and I often have wondered why I am working so hard on a picture that’s not going to get me anything but just another addition to my portfolio. Oh wells.

When it’s finished (sometime, oh, in the next five bagillion years) I will post a scanned version so you can see all my mista—er, wondrous details. XD


Wolf Sketch

This is a pretty old sketch I did years ago, but I wanted to post it so that people can see what I’m capable of when it comes to drawing wildlife. Probably the areas of my drawings that need the most improvement right now are interesting angles and scenery/backgrounds. I have an affinity for the lazy white backdrop. This must STOP! >:(


gruntingrelic said: You should really to like a step-by-step tutorial type deal for your portraiture. It is just so awesome, I would love to see your process. and I think it would help me further understand how to make portraits accurately because as of right now, I am pretty awful at portraits. (please excuse my spelling as well, as it is also awful :P )

I’ve thought about it before, but I’ve always ended up not doing it because my process seems so haphazard, hah. I guess I have a certain set of rules I adhere to regularly, but sometimes reaching the finished product is like “Hmm, now I’ll add a dash of this, ooh and a little bit of that …no, no, no, erase all that, that looks like crap.” etc, etc. Either I end up with a picture or a piece of garbage that never sees the light of day, lol. No guarantees!

I’ll consider the notion, though. I might post some WIP pictures of what I’m working on right now because it’s a huge piece and it’s taking forever. >__<


The Boys Are Back In Town

Bonanza!! Seriously, why did I not watch this program until about a year ago?

It’s good, clean, occasionally cheesy fun, and those horses are so gorgeous!

I drew this a year ago (closer to two years, now, I think) but I decided to post it on here because I don’t have much of my animal artwork up.

Prismacolor markers on smooth Bristol.

Clearly, I need practice with my backgrounds. :\


The Champion

Yes, the champion. Small, spunky, unknowingly awesome.

This is a quick sketchy-sketch of my main character ‘Cora’ from my novel series ‘Dark Horizon’ (WT), which I will eventually post a summary to at some point.

Reference was used, link to model below.


"Trouble’s comin’ …"

"What kind of trouble?"

"The kind that starts with ‘G’ and ends with ‘age’."

Portrait of my refined character design for “Gauge” the MMC for my novel series ‘Dark Horizon’ (WIT).

Reference was used.

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